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How to make more money in your biz while working less.

First of all, you need to know that we didn’t quite hit the million dollar threshold in 2021. 😲

We were about 60k short, but I’m entirely not mad about it.

Between IOS changes, Facebook Ads going haywire, virtual learning etc… making 940k isn’t exactly something to scoff at (especially given the time freedom I also had).

So how did we do that?

Let’s dive in.

We’ve built a very strategic value ladder in our business which means we have offers that range from low ticket, mid-ticket, higher ticket and highest ticket.

Our highest ticket offers are the 1-1 services and coaching we offer – which we do the least of.

=> Because I’ve never believed you have to trade all your time for money in order to have a successful business.

On any given day, we sell digital products, a course, design membership access, group coaching, and less often, we sell a 1-1 service.

95% of our income comes from offers outside of our 1-1 services.

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Action Plan: how to make more money while working less.

So here are three steps you can take right now to start making money 365 days per year without trading all your time for money.

1. Look at your 1-1 service and map out how you can take some (or all) of you out of it and create a group program, self-paced course and digital product.

2. Map out how you’re going to break down your monthly income between those offers going forward. (The more you can sell of those other offers, the less 1-1 time you need to spend).

3. Then look at those offers and see how you can upsell from one to another. That might be right then and there while they’re making a purchase or it can be done with an “upgrade” offer to existing buyers.

4. I know I said 3… But I wouldn’t be very good at what I do if I also didn’t encourage you to email me so we can mastermind how you can do this for your business. 

» Who’s with me on doing things differently this year when it comes to how you make money?

Tasha DaCosta

Tasha DaCosta

I help coaches, consultants and service providers create aligned + irresistible offers, so they can grow to six-figures with speed + ease.

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I help coaches, consultants and service providers, create aligned + irresistible offers, so they can grow to six-figures with speed + ease.

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