2 easy ways to double your business income in 2022.

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2 easy ways to double your business income in 2022.

I can still remember once it finally clicked.  

That huge relief I felt inside when someone came to my website to buy a $27 product, but ended up spending $228 instead.

And that wasn’t by accident, it was extremely strategic and completely planned.

This is what allowed us to more than 10x our revenue in a single year.  I’m talking from making 120k to over 1million.

Take a second and about this.

What if every person who came to buy something from you, spent significantly more than what their original purchase would have been?

And I’m not just talking about digital products, I’m also talking about courses, group programs, workshops and services.

Basically anything you offer in your business.

Interested yet?

Great, let’s dive in to the 2 easy ways to double your business income in 2022!

Step 1. to double your business income

Increase Your Average Order Value.

In case you’re thinking you need to be some sort of math or accounting wizard to get this, just stop right there.

It’s simple, I promise.

And if you want to double your business income in 2022, turn off the distractions, lean in and pay good attention. (Remember that whole 10x thing above).

It starts by you writing out all of the offers (products, courses, group programs etc…) you have in your business.

=> In our Sales on Repeat Society, we do this using our value ladder template, but a piece of paper will do for now.  (Ideally this will make you go “holy shit”, I need in, and then you’ll get access to it anyways).

Now look at each one of those offers and see if you use any others are upgrades or complimentary offers. 

Here are a few examples:

Someone buys our LBS WordPress Website Academy.

Offer Upsell

Upgrade to Membership at a special price not on website.
Someone joins our Sales on Repeat Society.

Offer Upsell

Upgrade offer to add in Bonus 1-hour Strategy Session.
Someone buys an LBS Semi-Custom Brand Design.

Offer Upsell

Upgrade offer to special pricing on a fully-custom brand.

Now not every single person is going to take you up on every single upgrade offer you have.

But it’s going to make a massive difference to your average order value, especially if do a great job of offering really aligned upgrades and one-time offers.

As I’m sure you’re guessing, there are many ways to offer upgrades and a lot of different 3rd party cart providers you can use to create these types of funnels.

We go super in depth on these within Phase 1 : The Money Map in the Sales on Repeat Society.

And in case you’re wondering, we use Thrivecart as our fave 3rd party cart provider, and we wholeheartedly love it.

So if you can make it a rule in your business that for every offer you have or make, you have at least 1 aligned upgrade offer available, you’ll be all set.

The best part is that once the upgrade offer is setup, it literally takes no extra work to make that extra money.  It’s all icing on the cake.

I’ll eat that icing all day. You?

Now let’s talk about the second easy way to double your business income in 2022.

Step 2. to double your business income

Increase Your Average Lifetime Value.

This is really where having a value ladder in your business comes in handy.

In case you’re thinking “Dammit Tasha, what’s a value ladder”?  I’ll go there first.

Think of it as a lineup of your offers that increases in price and value as you move up. 

Typically, the higher the offer on the ladder, the more 1-1 (or access) your audience gets to you.

Here’s a really great example for Virtual Assistant that’s focused on systems and optimization.

=> Image below was taken from inside Phase 2: Irresistible Offers | The Sales on Repeat Society

Double your business income in 2022

Having a value ladder allows you to service your audience within your zone of genius, based on the level of attention they want and can afford.

Not to mention, most people won’t jump right in at your highest ticket offer.  So having a strategic value ladder allows more people to pay you off the bat.

Okay back to how to double your business income by increasing your customer’s lifetime value.

Your customer’s lifetime value is basically totaling up everything they’ve spend with your business.

The more things they buy, the higher their lifetime value will likely be.

So as an example:

When someone comes in and buys a digital download or product, you can setup an automated email sequence that offers them the option to upgrade to your next offer or the one that makes the most sense.

Now this doesn’t always have to happen right after their initial purchase.  

When you promoting your offers regularly, staying in touch with your audience and showing up on social, this will also happen organically.

If you have an aligned value ladder your audience will naturally gravitate towards your higher offers once you’ve built that trust. 

I sound a little repetitive here but: say hello to double your business income in 2022!

Bonus: Mini Case Study

Here's a look behind the Scenes.

We ran the first iteration of the Sales on Repeat Society as a live Group Coaching Program with 33 incredible women business owners.

This graph still lives within the program as I think it’s super important to illustrate the power of a strategic value ladder.

Out of the 33 women who joined the group program, you can see how many of them had already purchased or signed up for something else from our business.

Some of them have purchased many of these options.

So what’s the big takeaway here?

An Aligned Value Ladder + Trust through excellent past experience = people willing to spend money with your business over and over.

So I would like to implore you to please consider slowing down, and working through increasing your Average Order Value and Average Customer Lifetime Value.

And as always, if you want to dive deeper with some real deal hand holding – The Sales on Repeat Society is the place to be.

- Tasha
Tasha DaCosta

Tasha DaCosta

I help coaches, consultants and service providers create aligned + irresistible offers, so they can grow to six-figures with speed + ease.

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