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How to make consistent 10k months in your business.

I know that making consistent 10k months is a really juicy topic and one that can end up feeling a little out of reach.

And with soo many gurus and online “expert” telling you something different, who are you supposed to believe?

I totally get it, I was literally in your shoes once upon a time (not soo very long ago).

So let me at least tell you this, and hopefully give you some assurance.

I’m not a coach who’s made a million dollars coaching entrepreneurs how to make a million dollars.

I’ve run Lady Boss Studio Inc. for almost 5 years now, where we make money daily. This happens through digital products, courses, our design membership, group programs, 1-1 services + affiliate income.

Which means I have an online business that’s made over 2 million dollars doing all of those things.  I’m teaching you because I’ve done it, not just because I think I can teach it in theory.

So let’s jump right into how you can also make consistent 10k months in your business!

Step 1. to 10k months

Plan Your Money Map

If you’re thinking “hold up Tasha, I’m totally not a numbers person”, well you’re wrong.

Everything is “learnable” first of all and second of all, your numbers have to come first in your business.  If not, you’re really tiring yourself out over that hobby you’re doing.

Maybe that sounds like a little bit of the tough love, but it’s true, and I’m good with it.

You can’t possibly hit consistent 10k months if you’re waiting until the end of the month to figure out what you’re making.

You need a 10k money map and plan in place so you know what you’re working towards.

Knowing how many you need to sell of each one of your offers is vital to reaching that milestone.

=> Images below are examples of the money map, profitability calculator, sales calendar and value ladder from inside Phase 1: The Money Map | The Sales on Repeat Society

Another big factor here to consider is your profitability!  Having consistent 10k months is great and all, but not if you’re not taking home and also banking some of it.

I see soo many service providers, coaches and consultants cut their prices or put them on “sale” to drum up business.  But what they don’t realize is that they weren’t even making money in the first place and they have no idea!

This is one of the major reasons why we dig deep into planning your money map and profitability levels within our Sales on Repeat Society.

Because making those consistent 10k months can actually be easier than you think.   

When we reverse engineer your goals and plan for profits, you’ll have a lot more money in the bank (and in your pocket).

Step 2. to 10k months.

Make Your Offers Irresistible

I promise you this is actually easier than you think – with the right plan and information in place, of course.

So what exactly makes an offer irresistible so that we can achieve those consistent 10k months?

There are a few factors here I want to cover, and exactly what we do within our “Easy Yes” Offer Formula within the Sales on Repeat Society.

Easy Yes Offer Formula - Sales on Repeat Society

First up is “Sell the Result”.  Now this might seem pretty obvious, but people value offers based on the result that it promises to get them.

The more likely it is that they can achieve the result, the more likely they will want to buy your offer. 

And the more they will be willing to pay for it. (A.K.A – the easier it is to get to 10k).

So more than anything, you need to make sure that the result you’re selling is tangible.  Something they can feel, something they really want.

Second up is “Keep it simple”.

This is where you can keep the name of your program on target with your tangible result.  It’s also where we can add in a signature framework that makes your course or program uniquely yours.

Having a Signature framework, like the one we use in the Sales on Repeat System we teach (The Money Map, Irresistible Offers + Selling Made Simple) helps build trust and makes it easier for you to sell it.

It also helps your audience better understand how you’re going to get them from point A (where they are now), and point B (where they want to be and where you’re promising to get them).

So the combination of a program name that has the result built in, with a signature frame work = a much more irresistible offer and a better chance of hitting and exceeding those 10k months.

Third up is “Get Them Moving”.

This was one of the biggest lessons I learned in my online business.

People don’t usually move and get excited about buying something right now unless you give them a reason to.

So this where we bring in some ethical urgency and scarcity.

We can add some limited spots, make the offer available for a limited time or even offer a limited time or limited number bonus.

Now you’ll notice I said ethical above.  Because we don’t just pretend something is on sale for a limited time or pretend there is a limited amount of spots available.

We honor whatever the promotion is that we’re offering and we honor our audience.

Because without their trust – it’s going to be really hard to consistently hit those 10k months.

Step 3. to 10k months

Selling Made Simple

Straight up, we’ve all been there…

What the hell am I going to post on social media this month?

Or maybe it’s I don’t know what to post so I’m just going to not post. Which means not being visible and still hoping that someone buys something from me.

Like I said, we’ve all been there, and we can all attest that neither of those situations are good for business.  Neither of those will lead you to consistent 10k months period.

So what if you had a plan to actually show up, engage, connect and sell to your audience on repeat, without the usual stress of what the heck do I post?

I know it sounds too damn good to be true, but after years of frustration and finally finding a solution, I can promise you it’s not.

Once you’ve created your money map, your repeatable sales calendar and made sure your offers are irresistible, why not have a perfectly laid out plan to sell based on that sales calendar and the offers you’ve created.

Can I please introduce you to our Social Sales Flow Calendar?

Every prompt, for each platform, for each day of the week, for different types of offer schedules, all laid out so you can create it once and then use it over and over again.

Social Sales Flow Calendar

I know what you’re thinking, ridiculous right!

It’s literally your gateway to effortlessly creating those consistent 10k months without the usual stress of not knowing what to post or not posting at all. 

Think about the different in your bank account but all the difference in the amount of time you won’t be wasting on social media for no return.


Now that we covered 3 keys to making consistent 10k months in your business, can you see how much easier it could be for you?

Was there anything that stood out above that opened your eyes and really made you think?

Please let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!

I’s also love to invite you to to watch our Free training by clicking on the image below!

- Tasha
Tasha DaCosta

Tasha DaCosta

I help coaches, consultants and service providers create aligned + irresistible offers, so they can grow to six-figures with speed + ease.

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